Attractions in Dundee

Things to do in Dundee

Attractions in and about the town of Dundee include:

  • The Moth Shell hole
  • Talana Museum (a must see!)
  • Tennis / squash courts
  • Bowling greens
  • A fine 18 hole golf course
  • Water sport

    Other Attractions in the Surrounding Area

    Here are but a few things to do and see:

    • The Battle of Blood River Heritage Site and the Ncome Museum; Isandlwana Battlefield; Rorke’s Drift
      Museum and the site of the death of the Prince Imperial of France.
    • You can also view San Bushmen paintings, Iron Age smelting sites, and enjoy a range of eco-tourism experiences such as numerous hiking trails and horse trails, bird watching, photographic safaris, mountain biking, abseiling and white water rafting
    • There are also many game reserves in the area like the Weenen Game Reserve, the Spioenkop Nature Reserve, the Chelmsford Nature Reserve and Wagendrift Nature Reserve, among others.
    • At Hattingspruit is the Tom Worthington Dam where you will find the Farmer’s Brewery that brews traditional home-brewed German and Austrian beers.
    • Accredited Battlefields Tour guides are also available and can be arranged for on prior notification.